Edge 2 In order to ensure the highest scientific standards

Edge 2 Edge Cleaning uses accredited microbiology and chemistry laboratories to provide clients with accurate and reliable results. We can assure you that our assessments are reliable and unbiased because Edge 2 Edge Cleaning is not associated with third party consulting or laboratory companies.

Edge 2 Edge Cleaning is a leading environmental protection company with more than 25 years of experience, providing diverse services for all sizes and types of commercial or residential buildings.

Our experienced staffs undergo a wide range of training and certification, ensuring that they always keep up to date with the latest industry standards in terms of environmental risks and safety practices.

Depending upon your budget and at the times that are convenient for you, our regular house cleaning service can be tailored. We provide impeccable housekeeping, maid and cleaning lady service. Our dedicated house cleaners are true professionals and make sure your home or office is transformed about a spotless museum.


EDGE2EDGE is your Melbourne-based, reputable, professional eco-home cleaning service that uses only eco-friendly, organic products that are created in Australia; we believe in cleaning with a conscience.


A better method for the environment and you Commercial cleaning company EDGE2EDGE , with offices in Melbourne, focuses on offering services that are both safe and kind to the environment. With Eco Cleaning, you are protected from exposure to dangerous chemicals that could harm your health. Did you know that the American EPA lists poor indoor air quality as one of the main contributors to health issues among office workers? And what is the main reason why office buildings’ air quality is so bad? There are no green cleaning products!


Numerous conventional cleaning agents have been connected to diseases like cancer, ADHD, allergies, and even cancer. So, we decided to limit our cleaning services to using only natural materials. Along with some good ol’ fashioned hard work. There are no harsh, unpleasant, or hazardous goods. Did you know that some non-environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals deteriorate and become more toxic? Neither of these products, nor do we at Eco Cleaning employ volatile organic chemicals. Additionally, the method we use lessens your carbon footprint


Our work is guaranteed, as are the cleaning materials and procedures we employ. If for any reason you are not entirely happy, we will rectify the situation at no further cost to you. There aren’t any prerequisites, ifs, or buts. And if you’re still unsatisfied, you get a free week of cleaning.


Don’t go in for the bait. If anyone suggested you that spending on a professional cleaning service is a waste of money, we will prove them wrong.

We not only offer cleaning services that are cost-effective but also we guarantee you to provide the most fabulous cleaning services in Australia that you have ever experienced while you sit back and enjoy spending time with your family and kids.We have an expert team that will provide you top-notch services without giving you any hassles.

Trust us to clean areas that require delicate handling. Be it your carpets, upholstery, mattress, tiles & grout or the curtains dry and curtains steam– we assure you that we clean it in the right manner without causing any damage.

What you are left with is a spick and span home/office that tells tales of your preference for having a happy and an inviting room.

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